The Bach Bust as Wall Decoration + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons


The Free Bach Add-Ons: Please Let Us Know if You Would Like to Waive Them. Thank You

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Johann Sebastian Bach Bust as Wall Decoration in a Wooden Frame. Made of Alabaster Gypsum + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons **


Height: 21,5 cm (8.46 inches)

Width: 17,5 cm (6.89 inches)

Weight: 0,41 kg (0.9 lbs) 


Included in the delivery: 


The Bach bust in a wooden frame out of Alabaster gypsum + your 2 free Bach add-ons that you may select below.


49,90 €

  • available
  • delivery time: 3 - 14 days (depends on shipping destination)

Details ... the Free Bach Add-Ons Can Be Found Below


Please Select a First Bach Add-On, Even if You Don't Want One*. Then the Second


IMPORTANT: The Necrology from 1750, the Bach Tributes Medley and  the "Bach Biography for Children" are right now only available in the German version. The English version will be available in the fall of the year 2020. Until then, please choose between the Bach coloring book, the small Bach bust, the small Bach figure and the 16.800 Bach music sheets. Or you decide for the not yet ready items, you get them as soon as they are ready, this might take even longer until fall 2020.


* More information about the free Bach add-ons can be found by clicking on the picture. And there you can also order them. Or let us know that you don't want any of them.


** We ask for your understanding that 3 requests are not possible as free Bach add-ons: First, two small Bach busts, second, two small Bach figures, third, a combination of the small Bach figure and the small Bach bust.

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