The Bach Bust as Wall Decoration + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons


The Free Bach Add-Ons: Please Let Us Know if You Would Like to Waive Them. Thank You

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Johann Sebastian Bach Bust as Wall Decoration in a Wooden Frame. Made of Alabaster Gypsum + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons **


Height: 21,5 cm (8.46 inches)

Width: 17,5 cm (6.89 inches)

Weight: 0,41 kg (0.9 lbs) 


Included in the delivery: 


The Bach bust in a wooden frame out of Alabaster gypsum + your 2 free Bach add-ons that you may select below.


49,90 €

  • available
  • delivery time: 3 - 14 days (... depends on shipping destination)

Details ... the Free Bach Add-Ons Can Be Found Below


Please Select a First Bach Add-On, Even if You Don't Want One*. Then the Second


* More information about the free Bach add-ons can be found by clicking on the picture. And there you can also order them. Or let us know that you don't want any of them.


** We ask for your understanding that 3 requests are not possible as free Bach add-ons: First, two small Bach busts, second, two small Bach figures, third, a combination of the small Bach figure and the small Bach bust.





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