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Mouth Guard, Protective Mask, Face Mask and Since April 18, 2020, Everyday Mask ... And Music, Music ... And Nothing but ... Music


How often do you get annoyed in connection with Corona, how often do you worry, how often do you wonder when it will all be over?! And above all, how to keep the virus away best.


Have you googled with any of the terms mentioned in the headline? Maybe. But "music" was definitely included. That's why you're here, reading now. It's my hobby: to shout "Here" loudly wherever you're looking for me. Well, that sounds a little exaggerated. And that is here and today and now exactly when you are "on your hunt" with the following terms: mouth mask, mask, face mask, mouth covering, makeshift mouth-nose mask, spit protection, droplet mask, breathing mask, cloth mask, protective mask, everyday mask, respirator mask, mouth protection, breathing protection, mouth-nose mask, mouth mask, mouth-and-nose protection ... and further? Well, the music mentioned, of course ... music. 


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My Husband Would Like to “Comment” on the Subject of Corona!


In the left picture on the right side: That's me. And in the right picture on the right side: That is my husband Peter. On the far left is the Bach author Helga Brück, who unfortunately passed away much too early. The lady to the left of my husband is his sister, she painted the illustrations for Peter's "Bach Biography for Children".



My Face Mask on the Subject of Music ... Is No Medical Protection


My husband Peter, who by the way is the" website maker" of the two of us, has an exciting hobby: He likes to sit in front of the TV in the evening and watch the news on five different German channels. And also on the U.S. channel CNN and a second news channel, CNBC. And he comments, often vehemently, on all the news and all the reports. Constantly. For the "entertainment" of both of us. And now he wants to "vent" his displeasure about the worldwide reaction to this threat to health and economy. And he wants to do that on my website. Well ... maybe he avoids the infection of only one person with his remarks. Then it was worthwhile and he "tinkered" me this one more website page in my store for it. For my mouth mask, mask, face mask, mouth covering, makeshift mouth-nose mask, spit protection, droplet mask, breathing mask, cloth mask ... whatever I offer you. Very important: I do not offer you medical protection. But reading exactly for it! Further down. And from here on now my husband entertains you ...


Peter Bach, Jr. ... me, so!



And History Does Repeat Itself


By Peter Bach, Jr.


Already in the spring of 2020, I was amused by the pictures from South Korea – later also from other countries – when you saw there 20 " wrapped up cleaners" in a distance of one meter next to each other and in addition two "water cannons" decontaminating a street surface. Or St. Mark's Square in Venice. Again and again, similar film sequences appeared in the news. Film snippets from Italy, from Spain and elsewhere. What ... please ... were these people doing? 


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Corona, is transmitted from person to person to person. But, it also works with a pangolin infecting a human. And a Chinese wet market is also suitable for this. But, nonsense aside: person to person. That works for AIDS via the known options, but for Corona it's different. Viruses are the culprits, and they go directly from the infected person's face to your healthy one. That is the way 1. And the way 2? That's when a sick person touches something - a door handle, a shopping cart, the escalator handrail, for example. That's where they are, the viruses, lying around. By the dozens, by the hundreds, by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, depending on the situation. You touch there, and grab a portion of viruses, then touch your nose and 50 of these ghosts make it into your throat, where they initially multiply for 3 to 4 days.


What is clear by now is: Covid-19, or simply Corona in the vernacular, is the problem. And that means what? That such viruses are certainly detectable for a certain time on house walls, street sidewalks, walkways and even on plants (... yes, even these have been disinfected). But if no one licks the pavement and accidentally catches contaminated areas, or wipes the one or the other tree and then puts his fingers in his mouth, in the best case nothing happens. It is likewise no longer dangerous to "taste" a house wall ... it too has been sprayed with disinfection, after all! The latest TV reports show in August 2020 even people who, again well wrapped, disinfect the ground around the fifth column during the Hajj in Mecca.  With such a power decontamination, at least you don't break anything, of course!  


Or do you? If you look at it critically, it is a horrendous, senseless waste of manpower, material – especially full protective suits, which are so urgently needed – and decontamination liquid. Not to mention the unheard-of environmental pollution, precisely because the measure is useless and pointless. However, this is only really alarming if one considers that the respective authorities instructing could be just as incompetent with all other measures. As an aside, this measure is a nice pastime in its own right and good to show on TV, but here it is only meant to be the "bridge" to a next consideration. States, federal states and municipalities, which practice such a decontamination, disqualify themselves, namely publicly and obviously.


Some also call it a spit protector. We think that sounds unappetizing. Spit protection with Bach, spit protection with music. Disgusting. This cool everyday mask is available via a click on one of the buttons below.



Have I missed something? Can viruses that land on the street, the sidewalk, St. Mark's Square, in Mecca, and on plants after someone sneezes there, or coughs, therefore hop? This is not a rhetorical question, but a serious one. Can viruses hop? Not to put you on the spot: Viruses can't hop. Not from a sidewalk to your face, nor from a house wall to your mouth. Nor from TV station microphones, which you very, very rarely touch by the windshield. But by the handle. I think I know, because I have been professionally active in the sound business for 4 decades. So what are they bagged for? And if it brings something, why doesn't everyone do it?


From the very beginning, we were told by the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, by politicians of all stripes and parties, and by semi-professionals that today's everyday mouth protection, called a mouth-nose mask, that is the one without medical effect and the one that you "throw away in an environmentally friendly way" after use, is only useful if you are Covid-19 positive and do not want to infect others. Always came the afterthought that you can't protect yourself. What crude nonsense! What scientific and political luminaries! Not only does no one now say, "Oops, I was wrong about that!" No, since the middle of May 2020 simply the insight changes country by country and continent by continent "quite secretly": Yes, they do help nevertheless in both directions. But still not with every "expert"! I read a first clearly formulated article approximately 6 months after the outbreak of the epidemic. Sorry, it's in German only.


The enemy. His ally? Much stupidity of few people!



So it is like this after all: At first, there was perhaps the fear that normal citizens could "hoard" the masks away from the clinical staff. But this was not possible, because doctors and nurses do not wear such masks, because – see above – they are only good for infected patients, and who should be infected by hospital staff if they are healthy themselves? Further: Why didn't experts recognize collectively and early that aunt Erna, grandchild Mathilda and also Mr. Grupp of Trigema (... and now also we and hundreds of other artists) could produce millions and billions of "face bags" together? Now this is possible. A knowing misinformation of our media and politicians? So that the hoarding our heroes in white (... my recognition, they are indeed the heroes 2020!) not powerless, because "unveiled makes"?


Further: Quite naturally it must be communicated that the everyday bags, better everyday masks, are only an additional firewall against the spread of Covid-19. Since the memory of a herd immunity is completely out of the question, because the contamination even with a 20-fold ( ! ) dark figure is far below the required extent and alone "only" a doubling of the severe courses resulting at the long end would already overstrain our physicians - their energy and health is also not unlimited and the number of heroes also not - this mentioned herd immunization is out of the question. Of course, this paragraph is no longer valid after the development of the vaccine and especially 2022.


It was 100 years ago, when people around the world were struggling with the Spanish flu. Note also the cat in the center of the picture ! Back then, 50 to 100 million people died out of a global population of 1.8 billion. By the end of July 2020, Covid-19 had killed a round 650,000 people out of a world population of 7.7 billion. To "reach" the level of the 1918 catastrophe, 200 to 400 million people would have to die today. 



Back to the mouth-nose protection. It was not communicated at all consistently at the beginning and still today that the "firewall in the face" (... the mouth-nose protection, or the nose-mouth protection) should be worn in addition to social distancing, that is the necessary distance between two humans. By the way, that was exactly what it was called a hundred years ago: Social Distancing. No one spoke of the German equivalent, "räumliche Distanzierung", as on Wikipedia. And it continues: We cough and sneeze into the crook of our arms. This is sensible and polite even at normal times and stops the following ... and we close the circle to the "disinfection of the turning lane on the road" further above I made fun of it. Sneezing produces a wet sputum (... yuck) of droplets in three size categories that leaves your face at about 140 kilometers per hour (... 90 miles per hour, and I mean the sneeze, not the cough). And mine too ... actually every one's. With a mask, "the salad" is in the "bag" afterwards, how appetizing, but so be it. Without a respirator, the mask has in the worst case the opposite of the load in the face. Happens probably only 1 to 1 million times in life. How good. In the usual daily routine within a modern today's supermarket ... and there is no one around ... and a round cubic meter of air in front of the sneeze is contaminated. At the time, shortly after the sneeze. The cloud consists of 3 components: thick droplets, small droplets and aerosols. The thick ones fall down in only one second, the small ones in three seconds, and the aerosols float there for a long time. By the way, not mentioned above is the decent and well-mannered contemporary who politely holds his hand in front of his mouth, sneezes into his hand, and then picks up the spaghetti package, the classic, discards the dinner plan, and puts it back on the shelf.



The Evil, Evil Droplets


In all seriousness, when in the last 100 years has someone sneezed directly at you, coughed on you, or talked to you in such a wet way that you noticed? You could probably even remember it, if at all. And what does that mean?



Protective Mask and Distance: Indoors, Both Combined!


Again we return to our three types of droplets, or more precisely the 3 droplet sizes. If you drop one drop from any container, it will reach the ground in about 1 second. This is also true for the droplet that is half the size and for the one that is 1/10 the size. The smaller, the lighter they are, the droplets, and the longer they remain "suspended" in an imaginary cloud between two faces that meet. But they fall! Only when the droplets are so tiny and so light that they are called aerosols, then they float and that for a relatively long time. What use is this knowledge in everyday life, in the supermarket and at the butcher? Well, a lot. Because you don't have to worry or be afraid of getting infected in everyday life if you add a mask - where appropriate - and distance. A third firewall is definitely to turn away sustainably when you meet a fellow customer in the supermarket, in the aisle. Then this measure replaces the distance: It is about the contaminated cubic meter of air exhaled five seconds ago. And it's ultimately about probabilities: First, it's super-unlikely that you'll encounter a sick person in a supermarket or furniture store. 600 to 900 infections a day in Germany is 600 to 900 disasters among 82 million people.  That was the figure when this article was written. Today, at the beginning of 2022, the value has increased a hundredfold, but the result still applies. From this we have to subtract clusters and heavily involved areas such as old people's homes and schools, tourism hotspots, and unacceptable housing conditions (... with harvest helpers from abroad warmly and gratefully regarded in German neighborhoods, for example) ... so they won't meet a sick person in the supermarket!  And if nevertheless, then your "fire walls" (bag, distance and turning away) make that you survive this encounter healthy.


The mouth guard with music: Bach composing, from my coloring book on the subject of JSB. And where can you get this cloth mask, this protective mask, this face mask? Via one of the many buttons on this website page.



The Moist Pronunciation


And there the following  is also true: If someone coughs, sneezes or spits (... when speaking) at you directly in your face, then the probability of infection is also not at 100%, because you have certainly already experienced that one wipes the drop on the cheek at the moist pronunciation of the counterpart. Drops on cheeks are harmless, but certainly unappetizing. So you will hardly wipe this moisture with your hand and put this, your hand then in your mouth.


On the subject of mouth protection, better everyday mask and the cubic meter (... 35 cubic feet) of highly contaminated air in front of the face of a sick person after 3 seconds.  So these aerosols from the previous section are still floating around there for quite a while. So there, where the Corona infected person enjoyed, sneezed or even breathed. He or she has already moved on to the orange juice, but you are now standing in front of the spaghetti or you are now walking through this invisible "fog".  Let us all rejoice together that this haze is not visible and not colorful, we would probably never again go into a store, that would be from then on "shopping 3.0" and only over the Internet.



One Cubic Meter (... 33 Cubic Feet) Of Corona Aerosols and the Mouth-Nose Protection


If you walk through this fog, you will also breathe in corona viruses with the fog there. 10, 100, 1.000, 10.000? I don't know. But if you have a mouth-nose bag on, 90 percent of these spirits will stick to your protection and hang on. Of course, this is not a scientific value, and it also depends on whether you have placed the mask correctly. By the way, the protection decreases dramatically if the nose peeks out (... Swabian for looking out), as can be seen so often. This kept in mind and the mask works. And it is highly effective for the one who is not yet infected. Because in a contaminated place, there are dozens of contaminated cubic meters of air in a supermarket. If ... an infected person shopped there. And where the next contaminated place is ... we don't know. Never!


And there is also the following true: If someone coughs, sneezes or spits (... when speaking) at you directly in your face, then the probability of infection is also not at 100%, because you have certainly already experienced that you wipe the drop on your cheek at the moist pronunciation of your counterpart. Drops on the cheek are harmless, but certainly unappetizing. So you will hardly wipe this moisture with your hand and put this, your hand, then in your mouth.


On the subject of mouth nose protection, better the everyday mask and the cubic meter of highly contaminated air in front of the face of a sick person after 3 seconds. So these aerosols from the previous section are still floating around there for quite a while. That is, where the Corona infected person coughed, sneezed or even breathed.  He himself has already moved on to the orange juice, but you are now standing in front of the spaghetti, or you are now walking through this invisible "fog" there. Let us all rejoice together that this haze is not visible and not colorful, we would probably never again go into a store, that would be from then on "shopping 3.0 "and only over the Internet.


How polite: So all these ladies and gentlemen have their face masks on in order to not infect the " customers"? What nonsense! Are you interested in how similar so much was back then compared to today? Here is a report on the 1918 pandemic from the Neue Züricher Zeitung and if you are only now really interested in the subject, here is an optimistic assessment of a proper, radical shutdown (... it's a pity it's only in German). By the way, even then there was a counterpart to the German scientist Professor Drosten (... sort of Professor Fauci in the US), the virologist who is so likeable today: Read about this gentleman with a click here (... again only for German-speaking folks).



Is the Everyday Mask a “One-Way Protective Measure”?


 Then: Is such a nose-mouth protection "one way", a one-way street? Does it really only protect healthy people if the infected person wears it? If an infected person sneezes and 1 million micro-droplets thunder through his mask at a speed of 140 kilometers (... 87 miles) per hour, or if he or she sneezes, then the cubic meter of contaminated air mentioned above is avoided! But if one runs as a healthy person on a micro-droplet corona-contaminated suspended matter of such a tiny weight that they just float, then these small "corona warriors" fight their way through the cloth and work their way up into the throat area via the next swing of breathing air. Excuse me?! Again, the comparison: the mouth-nose mask, and specifically the nonmedical everyday mask, consists of a cloth that is equally permeable in both directions. In one direction, that is from the mouth and nose, the dangerous attackers are shot through at 140 or 150 kilometers per hour: That's where the mask stops the evil. But if you "stroll" through the supermarket with the same mask and 2 kilometers per hour "speed", then the mask is of no use? I still lack the appropriate words and that the WHO have recognized aerosols as the danger only four months ( ! ) after the first lockdown, makes me stunned.


This is a wind machine! Only at the destruction one recognizes - and actually only afterwards - whether it was an EF 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5. A tornado is tiny in size compared to a hurricane, but the wind speeds are much higher and the destruction is incomparable. The largest tornado measured 4.2 kilometers (... 2.6 miles) in diameter. The most extensive hurricane was Storm Irma, 1,600 kilometers (... 1,000 miles) in diameter, top speed 295 kilometers (... 183 miles) per hour, and lasting over 37 hours; it was the third most powerful hurricane ever, and at the time three of these monsters were in the Atlantic at the same time period (...see below). And it can get even bigger: in 2001, Olga was a giant 2,000 kilometers (... 1,250 miles) in diameter


As threatening as the current virus, but not for the whole world: Rarely do you see three of these monsters in one picture from space: Katja, Irma and José on September 8, 2017.


That is what Bach fans wear who are careful. And you can buy the protective mask with the Bach seal ... here:


For Skeptics and Those Who Now Want to Know for Sure: EF 5 vs. Sneezing ... The Tornado in Your Face!


I myself do not believe it. But German newspaper "Die Welt" dares to go out on the ice: 480 kilometers (... 300 miles) per hour is the wind speed at the time when coughed up air leaves your face. Friends: That is not hurricane force. It is the speed that only the strongest tornadoes produce, namely those in the EF 5 category (... Enhanced Fujita Scale from EF 0 to EF 5). You can read about it yourself here (... check the data in line two even without speaking German), and I'll look for more sources.


Scinexx also refers to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and writes of this tornado speed above, but the World report above and this publication may have the same source, MIT in the US.


"The Tagesspiegel", a German newspaper, calls the sneezing a "polysnaptic foreign reflex" and even means that this sneezing takes place with a speed of 900 kilometers (... 560 miles) per hour. So ... even I find that far exaggerated, but ... if it is in the newspaper ...


Another report in the newspaper "Die Welt", which is also available on the Internet and can be read in the health section, mentions a speed of up to 900 kilometers (... 560 miles) per hour. This seems to me to be the most likely correct value.


T-Online postulates 160 kilometers (... 99 miles) per hour and recommends a handkerchief "as a silencer".


"The Süddeutsche", also a German newspaper, writes - this is commendable - that all values are probably not clearly proven, that experts assume that coughing leads to speeds of a hurricane, that is more than 100 kilometers (... 62 miles) per hour. Then, however, it tells - certainly with the same restriction as above - that sneezing leads to values that the writing editor defines as "between 100 and 1,000 kilometers (... 62  to 620 miles) per hour". At 1,000 kilometers per hour, the sound barrier is only a short distance away. At 1,000 kilometers per hour, however, we want to stop ... and return once again to the reason for this research: the everyday mask, also called mouth-nose mask or – if you like that better –the "nose-mouth mask". It is about the space between two people, each with an everyday mask on. So: If a sick person sneezes or coughs, then the fabric of the mask stops what comes out of there with a maximum of 1,000 kilometers per hour. This same mask, however, does not stop any particles of this ejection, against which you walk with about 1 to 2 kilometers per hour (... here we are not talking about being directly coughed on, sneezed on and "sung on", but about the benefit of the protective mask to let through any particles in both directions under the same conditions. My result: The same conditions apply to both directions, but the permeability is largely determined by the power, that is, the speed times the pressure with which the moisture is pressed through the mouth-nose mask. Cool? Very cool.



Please, Mrs. Chancellor Merkel: Not Bag or Distance, but Bag Plus Distance!


This section was also created in the spring of 2020. There are great concerns for the handling of the so-called everyday masks, you have to beware of them, touch them only with pointed fingers, never wear them twice. Okay, touch them by the rubber, take them off and touch them by the rubber again is good and right, then you can use them 3 times or 10 times. Why do I advocate this? Because after just 2 days of practice you realize that washing the masks is not practical, and throwing them away after one time is an environmental disaster. And where is inside and outside, you have to remember. Ironing with an iron or washing in 60 degree water is also supposed to kill viruses (... although I've heard they're not living things). But the big deal is: If you actually have viruses on your mouth guard, then you would have inhaled exactly that portion of viruses - without protection. The probability without a mouth guard? 1 in 1 million (... not on the bus, not at weddings, not in the bar). With a mouth guard: infinitely unlikely (... but also not in the places listed above). However, little things make crap. Because if everyone wore such a mask instead of no mask, the epidemic would be over in 2 to 3 weeks, because it is also not clear how long one is contagious from day 1 until recovery. For consideration for all those who groan economically and socially under the weeks-long quarantine: Theoretically: 1 city sealed off for 3 weeks = epidemic defeated. The same applies to counties, states, countries. In practice, of course, it only works if all people entering or leaving can neither infect within, nor introduce the "modern pestilence". But ... everything is only theory. We are talking about a protective mask for Corona. And not about the general containment of the plague.


Ischgl in Europe: It's extremely dangerous in the cabin. Outdoors? The "one meter fifty" (... some five feet) doesn't matter there at all. And at après-ski? Well, you know that!



1.5 Meter (... Around 5 Feet) Distance ... Is That Good in Any Case?


How can it be that the safety distance is 1.5 meters everywhere? In the pub, in the supermarket, in the gym, in the pedestrian zone and on the beach. That can't work! And neither does the fact that all institutions take turns propagating mouth guards or distance. Or mouth guards and distance. Because such nonsensical rules prevail and then still in each "kingdom and each principality" different rules, therefore also with all concerned and less concerned the caution and the readiness to prevent weaken. 


When will people get it: The smaller a room is, the less ventilated it is, the more people are in it, and the more they laugh, talk happily, sing, pray, or do whatever, the greater the risk of infection. And how long they do it. It all matters, it's all about the aerosol clouds. Suppose an infected person contaminates 1 cubic meter (33 cubic feet) per breath (... if he or she only breathes, it may be only a third of a cubic meter, but if he or she sings, it may be 1.5 cubic meters). Now please calculate for yourself how many cubic meters of air are contaminated in this room if the sick person sings, laughs and enjoys himself there for one hour! And what follows from this? That you can confidently walk without a mouth guard in the pedestrian zone, also in the vineyards and yes, also on the beach. However, the opposite is also true: in a bar, a poorly ventilated restaurant and as a spectator at sporting events in a smaller hall ... there the danger is enormous. Weddings, church services and funerals in small locations ... they are the most dangerous hotspots. Well, eventually we'll get it that when harvesters picking cucumbers can form a cluster, we'll get the idea that it can also happen when picking grapes (... not in the vineyard, but at the common snack afterwards). From the meat factory to the cucumber nursery, it obviously didn't work out. So compare yourself: In the supermarket you walk maximum one second through the contaminated aerosol cloud of a sick person, if you meet him or her at all. In a closed room at a very passive event (... for example church service without common singing and loud praying) distance and mask are enough, then aerosols will spread less and less will be exhaled by the sick person at all. But in a carnival event, or in a bar, or on the dance floor, high quantities are spread because the sick person "converts" much more air and the danger increases immensely, because he or she is not locally in one place, but contaminates a much larger area. 


 No one could have guessed that immature fellows romp in the ham street in Mallorca! Or could they? Couldn't this development have been foreseen?



Let Dogs Help!


How cool: The two can recognize infected vacationers? Of course, they are "off duty" at the moment!


Dogs can sniff out diseases. More precisely, they can recognize people with whom something is wrong with their health. They can also sniff out the Corona virus - as is now known - and one could come up with the idea of first training dog trainers, who then train sniffer dogs. It works with drugs, too. Then there would be no need for the pointless cotton swab hullabaloo, where infected people are waved through even if they have only just become infected on this flight. Or the so telegenic fever measurement would be omitted. Training sniffer dogs ... that could become a whole new "industry" ... in airports, on cruises, before train journeys ... actually ... really everywhere. Not exactly future 3.0, but ... it's working. And if you're even more interested, here's another article from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.


Yup, they are the heroes of tomorrow, replacing cotton swabs and thermometers. At least I thought so in early 2020.



Children and Teenagers and Immature Adults


 Particularly immature people gives our politics and with it our media no reason on the basis, why they solidary with the protection and the avoidance of the spread of viruses by the carrying of mouth nose masks and the keeping of distances (... both together in rooms, and top, if even in the free one) with the conversation. Children and young people (... those who are supposed to be able to vote at 16, if it's up to German Federal Minister Giffey) need to be made aware that every day across Germany, five kids infect their grandparents and one grandkid kills their grandpa or grandma. Why is that? Because Dirk in Poughkeepsie prefers to believe in conspiracy theories, doubts the sense of protection and so on! If Dirk does not participate, then Johann in Hamburg does not participate either. But Dirk and Johann are both percentage-wise co-responsible for the death of the granny. It's about service to one's own people, as well as a social year, military service back then, and the like. Kids have to understand that it doesn't matter, that they can't get infected, long spread by the media. Status spring 2020.


It is not a question of whether young people are at risk. It must be enough if the older ones are at risk. And if it were "only" for them, that would be reason enough to follow the rules. But it is  with the latest mutations  no longer!



Ischgl, St. Wolfgang, Both Austria and the Ham Road in Mallorca


Let's learn about the adult, immature people: Why on earth did those responsible in St. Wolfgang, Austria and after the "Ischgl experience" not train the immature, young tourism employees better and - indeed - then also supervise them? Why didn't two hundred squads of police distribute € 500 tickets in the ham street in Majorca instead of pulling money out of the pockets of the tourists on the beach and on the promenade, who have to wear masks there in a completely nonsensical but picture-perfect way?  How can it be that one per mille instead of pink and light blue hair and face tattoo now provoke with it to pass on a deadly virus and thus paralyze whole industries and national economies? Too bad that politicians are not professionals! My opinion! 


If I employ children in tourism, I have to make sure that they don't go wild after work: Those who do not learn from history, repeat it ... Mr. Mayor and the elders in the tourism of the municipality. And about the "children": If they had behaved in a pandemic manner, I would have called them teenagers or young people.



Everything Will Be Fine Again! Hang in There!


 Four options are available for a soon to be glorious future in which almost everything will be as it was before: vaccination, cure, mutation or doggy solution. Then we will be able to travel, fly, cruise, meet friends, marry, attend church services and sing in the choir again. But before 2022 ... it will not work.


A penultimate mask with music as a theme. And an almost final hint to  the destinations, where you can order my masks:


The protective mask is the everyday mask, is the mouth nose mask. And this on the theme of music.



Is All This Really Happening?


And of course, not only at the beginning of the pandemic, we - Renate and I - asked ourselves if it was all as the media "spread" it. To the point: Whether this pandemic "really exists" or whether it is a worldwide conspiracy. And if yes or no, how can you tell. After all, there are 9,100 Corona deaths in Germany in 2020 (as of August 1, 2020) compared to 25,000 people who died of influenza in 2019. So why the panic in 2020 and not in 2019? We come to the following conclusion: Indicators can be three situations: First, there is the high, or extreme, mortality among doctors, nurses, and nursing home staff. Secondly, the occupancy rate of intensive care units in hospitals indicates the burden, and thirdly, the truth can be seen in the situation after the death of the sick. Keywords are the mass graves, the scarcity of coffins and the "refrigerated trucks" that were necessary in New York, for example, because they were overwhelmed with the amount of dead.


In New York, it was in 2020 that people saw the images of refrigerated trucks for the first time, because they were overwhelmed with funerals. In Italy, the transport of bodies in military trucks, which were initially only carried out at night and later also during the day, made an impression at the time.


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