Mother's Day, Mother'S Day. So, You Are Looking for A Gift? A Real Outstanding, Exciting Gift? For Mother's Day?


A cordial warning: If you want to be entertained here, you have to be very brave. The title pages of the Mother's Day calendar and the monthly pages is what you get in the shop without any text. There is one more "shortcut to the shop" a little bit down the page. Please click on the button and you are there. Now: Please stay brave.

A platitude: Everybody has or at least has had a a mom. So, everybody can follow the sense of Mother's Day. 


Exactly, to painting on your own, handcrafting on your own, making poets, to perform music - that is what every mom loves and it's a t least as challenging as finding out a fancy gift again and again. However, with 16, at least at age 25 you should think about, whether thing that you handcrafted are still an option on Mother's Day. 


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Cool on Mother's Day. Experts found out, that every Mother's Day in each year 63 percent of the year's energy is consumed for Mother's Day. Really, don't take that too serious. In the picture your can see five times the demand for a gift idea on Mother's Day. May be even six times. Or seven times? That really is exceptional.


You need around 135 billion gifts, if everybody wants to present a gift to his mother, his mother-in-law plus in addition to the mother of his children. Plus this demand is coming year after year. That is why  that is what scientists found out  70 % of all men and all boys are looking forward more to begin of spring compared to Mother's Day.


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Much Information and That Comes Without A Hoax


If you are interested, what kind of custom really ist, how Mother's Day came into being, when Mother's Day came into being and what the difference in the world are, how folks celebrate Mother's Day, then scroll down either, or "you work yourself through the pics". Of course, and that is without saying, you can skip the reading. Now, please enjoy the pics and the calendars related to Mother's Day. 


Tadaa: The First Picture Related to the First Mother's Day Calendar


What a monthly page in May. Mother's Day is - by the rule of the thumb - only 365 days away from the next Mother's Day. But that's only true in the middle of May. You have still 12 months time, not forget about this very important day. 1 day prior to this day is actually enough time left for the very most gifts anyway! By the way: There is a second monthly page of May in every Mother's Day calendar. With two times "... All the best for Mother's Day!".  To the shop?


So, Now in Sequence: First Both Title Pages


The first calendar related to Mother's Day: A perfect gift in 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches. You do get it in 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and in 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches, too.


This is the other Mother's day calendar which you can order in all three sizes, 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. It is not a big deal as a bonus if the primary surprise is a car. This calendar as well is a perfect gift for Mother's Day.


The First of the Two Mother's Day Calendars: 13 Monthly Sheets for You


The gift for Mother's Day: May of the Mother's Day calendar. The calendar with the calendar number 102.


Mother's Day gifts: June of the Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day gifts: July of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: August of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: September of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: October of the Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day gifts: November of the Mother's Day calendar A4.   


Mother's Day gifts: December of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: January of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: February of the Mother's Day calendar   


Mother's Day gifts: March of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Mother's Day gifts: April of the Mother's Day calendar.   


Exciting Mother's Day gifts: The "second" May of the Mother's Day calendar... so, the second time May... and therefore even in the following year. See the year above? The calendar with the calendar number 102, so with this gift you say "Happy Mother's Day!" twice!  To the shop now?


Now You Have the Agony of Choice: You Don't Like Both Calendars, or You Give Both Calendars as a Gift Two Years ... "in a Row"


* But that wouldn't be very original: But of course it would be possible... in distress... also in the second year. And then you can hang both calendars next to each other in the middle of Mother's Day. If - on the other hand - this isn't a funny idea for Mother's Day, what else is it? We start again - with the second Mother's Day calendar - and again with the title page. 


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The Other Mother's Day Calendar, It Is the Second Mother's Day Calendar


Mother's Day. Correct, you know the title page from above. So far so good. The next page, now, please? By the way, it ist the order number 103.  


It is the first calendar sheet: May of the second special Mother's Day calendar. The calendar does not start in January, as usual, but ... in May. Namely, on Mother's Day every year. In the future, the publishing house will publish it every coming year, next year and correctly: also in the year after next. And the year after that, too. And that's for you. It's hot off the press. In all three sizes. And that takes about two to four weeks, until it is then at your place, but then the calendar is very freshly printed.   


Mother's Day Gifts: June of the cool Mother's Day calendar. Would you like to know the calendar number? This hot off the press Mother's Day calendar is the calendar with the calendar number 103, which is also the order number 103.  


Mother's Day Gifts: July of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day Gifts: August of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day Gifts: September of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day Gifts: October of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day Gifts: November of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar.  


Mother's Day Gifts: December of the calendar, which certainly you won't find on earth for a second time. Do you remember the order number of this second Mother's Day calendar? Very importantly, at the end of December: Don't throw it away yet, it's still in service for 5 months. Oh yes, 103 ... the order number: the order number is calendar number 103. 


Mother's Day Gifts: January of the exciting second Mother's Day calendar the year after. Which calendar starts almost in the middle of the year and certainly ends 380 days and not 365 days later? 


A gift for Mother's Day: This Mother's Day calendar or the other Mother's Day calendar. Whichever you choose... it won't be easy. Here's the February page.  


A really cool gift for Mother's Day. 13 hearts, 13 pages, 13 times thanks to mom in 380 days. It has never been possible to say "Thank You" in this way.  


Normal calendars are valid for 12 months. This Mother's Day calendar is valid for exactly 380 days, as you will see right now.  


The Mother's Day gift of all Mother's Day gifts: May of the very special Mother's Day calendar and this a whole year later. After that: cut out 12 Mother's Day calendar sheets, have passe-partout cut around them, put them into picture frames and put them on the wall as decoration: four next to each other, three on top of each other. If that's not a dreamlike decoration. And then you can practically say "thank you" to Mom for the next 100 years.  


Gifts Beyond Mother's Day and Valentine's Day: Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Pipe Organ Calendars and Bach Calendars


Nope, this is not a motif inside the Mother's Day calendar. It's one of 33 music calendars. For one reason only, this calendar title is here. We would like to let you know that "Bach 4 You" offers not only Mother's Day calendars, but also 99 music calendars, composer calendars, pipe organ calendars and Bach calendars in addition to the two Mother's Day calendars and the two Valentine's Day calendars.   


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