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99 Music Calendars and a Surprise: Gifts, Gifts, Nothing But Gifts!


Gifts, gifts, nothing but gifts: In the shop there are 99 music calendars plus there are two Valentine's Day calendars. Youngest Innovation - so to speak - are two Mother's Day calendars, too. These 4 calendars come in European format style as well like all the music 99 calendars. You have never heard of calendars as a Valentine's Day gift or a Mother's Day gift? Click here to the shop or on the shop button and you get directly to both calendar categories, too. 

Chapter 2 Regarding Gifts, Until You Get Some Information to Read: Bach Gifts!


Chapters 3 Regarding Gifts: Please Let Us Entertain You!


"The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is not composed for your ears, my father composed this music for the hearts of humans." That is a freely interpreted tribute of Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel  about his famous dad. And so or shop "Bach 4 You" is not any online store in our mission, in which you might find any gifts, but - and that is special one option of several options, to "transport" Bachs music and Bach's life. Gifts: We would like to tell you more about three sections ... here in this Johann Sebastian Bach mission. There are - firstly - of course these offers on my website. After that you discover more about gifts in general and thirdly you could get all the stories, that came with the gifts in our "Bach adventure". In the gifts chapter 1 it's all about some exciting facts. Plus some advice, where you find more related to the subject of gifts on the internet.


In our chapter "Gifts 2" we are researching retailers with gifts for you together. There are some exciting links and all the knowledge might help you one day, when you are desperately looking for gifts again. But not for exciting stories about gifts.


The third chapter "Gifts" is a trip into the "Johann Sebastian Bach" mission of both creative folks, Renate and Peter Bach jr. and their vision, once spread the life and work of this super composer, which you connect with Eisenach and Leipzig,, even more and more exciting than until today around the world.


This page of my website is about gifts with pictures of books, gadgets, Puzzles and more , which you can purchase in my shop "Bach 4 You". So, now: Just let us entertain you and because service is written with a big s in our mission, here is a way out for you. Because you actually don't want to read about gifts, you are looking for gifts. Here you get to the section where the gifts are: You'll find around 130 gifts, 99 of them are music calendars. Plus you find your way to even more, many more gifts plus to more offers from "Bach 4 You". Gifts related toi the subjects of "Bach and "Composers" really until you saw enough!



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