Gifts for Musicians, Gift Ideas for Musicians – You Found Me. How Great! Welcome.


Gifts for musicians and music gifts ... I am serious: I am happy you did find me among all these gigantic competitors on the internet and in real life who offer gifts for musicians, suggest gifts ideas for musicians or just sell music gifts. My shop is tiny, real teeny tiny. I am Renate Bach. I am publisher, employee, CEO. Just marketing is what Peter cares about. Peter is my husband and related to JSB. Welcome to my music gift video section.


My coloring book about Bach is a music gift and my biography about Bach for children is a music gift as well. However, while the Bach coloring Book is in both English and German, the biography is in German only.  Sorry, folks. Or, alternatively you use it to learn German.


Gifts for Musicians ... I am serious: Just Remember the Keyword Composers Calendars


What do I mean? Well, the goal of Peter and me is to meet you on YouTube or on Google. And that might be shortly before Christmas or 10 days after your friend's birthday or on your research if you are ahead of time. You meet many suggestions related to the theme of gifts for musicians. Hundreds, better thousands if not tens of thousands. Music gifts, gift ideas for musicians and music gifts ... whatever the difference might be


After a while or the next day you remember the gifts at "Bach 4 You", but how would you find this teeny tiny shop among those billions and trillions of websites again? We do very much not only to meet you once on the web, but to offer you a solution to find me again. A second time. An I guess, the offer of my teeny tiny shop is so unique, that there is no second shop on the internet, where you find around 66 composers calendars in two styles, both European, which is poster style and in a grid version. So just remember the following word for your Google search: in the next headline below:


Composers Calendars, Composers Calendars, Composers Calendars


... and you will find me among the first three positions on Google USA. If not on position 1. Okay. Now you know where to find me again. No note necessary, no pencil needed, no nothing to remember.

So I guess, you didn't discover one page on this website after the previous and finally came to this  "gifts for musicians - the video" page". I bet you are here, because you either found me on Google or you found me on YouTube. Is that true. Well, if so let me just explain, what this mission, the project and my shop is about. and how we got to this point - after some 5 years - to offer - today - some 50 composers calendars and soon some 66 composers calendars.


One Music Gift Page - 7 Music Gift Videos


I love to take photos and I love to take photos of people. So I know, how hard it can be if I ask, "... may I please make a photo of you?" Now, the turn is on me and what is exciting is, that it doesn't matter whether somebody else is the photographer or is doing the video or - like in my case - I prepared the video camera, started the whole thing and did the video all alone. Nobody but me in the room. To show you all music gifts and gift ideas for musicians.


A Video About Gifts and Gift Ideas for Musicians and About Composers Calendars After You Discovered this whole Website and Shop? Seriously Now?


Let me explain it. Peter - my husband, you might know him meanwhile from this or from that page of my website - is responsable for all writing, creating websites and making sure, you find me and my shop on the internet. He reads and reads and after that he writes and writes. He learned that it's better to find me and my shop on the internet, if these 7 videos explain music gifts,  gift ideas for musicians, and music gifts as well as composers calendars, music calendars, my organ calendar and my angel calendar, if it's not just on YouTube, Vimeo and more video portals, but on my shop website, too. So if you found my shop online and now found this very page, it is strange indeed as I - actually Peter - introduce things, which you met in the past minutes: That means you already found all music gifts, all gift ideas for musicians and music gifts earlier. To watch one of these videos makes no sense at all.


It is different with those music fans, who found one of these 7 videos about my music gifts, my gift ideas for musicians and my gifts for musicians on one of the mentioned video platforms. They discovered my suggestions for the first time and might end up here. They need my explanation. And that is why I provide this whole page here. They might have no time and I want to show as much calendars and Bach gifts as possible without leaving this one page.