Flein in Southern Germany / St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


The headquarters of the publishing house "Bach 4 You" is in the wine village of Flein, which is in Southern Germany, 45 minutes south of Heidelberg. In the United States of America the unofficial second location is in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Flein, the city hall, around 1907.


St. Petersburg, Florida, Coliseum, around 1920. 


With a Click on the Yellow Button Below the Pic You Can Enjoy a Video and Some Pics from Flein and St. Petersburg. Have Fun.


Of course it must also be a black and white music calendar with a historical picture of Johann Sebastian Bach in addition to the historical and black and white pictures above. Exciting: It is a Bach calendar, a composers calendar and also a music calendar. But... not to confuse you now: in the end it is most... a Bach calendar.  

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