The Project "Bach On Bach" ... An Homage to the Thomas Cantor and Composer Johann Sebastian Bach


"Bach on Bach" ... that is on the one hand a gigantic and exciting portal about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. On the other hand it is a variety of even more specialized websites, too, which are around the crucial subject, which is the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer, which many musicians and personalities in the world consider the most prominent musician and composer of all times.


Youngest "child" in this family - in the family of websites around the composer is the website "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children". Actually it was planed exclusively for children and young teens in the beginning of this sub project. However it developed rapidly into a perfect platform for parent,s grandparents, aunts, uncles and god parents and even for music pedagogues. With a click here you can learn more.  


"Johann Sebastian Bach for Children" is the perfect website, when kids request answers to their questions regarding the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Believe it or not: Four of 5 sons of Johann Sebastian Bach were even more famous back then. 

"Bach on Bach" is the website for Bach experts, Bach fans and also for Bach beginners. It is the first of all websites in the Johann Sebastian Bach project "Bach on Bach". Use the button to get there.  

"Bach in Wechmar": This is the website for everybody, who  wants to travel in the matter of Bach, that means who wants to discover those Bach cities and Bach places. And it's the perfect address for all, which are interested in the Bach genealogy, too. As it was in Wechmar, when Bach and the theme of music met the first time. From this time the Bach Family became the Bach family of Musicians. However: Please keep in mind. There's a difference between Wechmar and Weimar.  

A music calendar, a Bach calendar, a composers calendar ... on the left. And the little BAch figure on the right.


A composers calendar and a music calendar on the left siede, and a music T-shirt on the right side.


The modern Bach beer stein on the left side, the pipe organ calendar on the right side.





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