The Johann Sebastian Bach Flea Market and the Cool "Small Mistakes Small Prices Market Place"


In the Johann-Sebastian-Bach flea market there is somehow everything that doesn't fit into any other category. In order to create such a huge portal as the website "Bach on Bach" in my husband's Johann Sebastian Bach project, we have to buy many Bach articles and Bach treasures so that we can photograph and scan them, and then include them as illustrations on the websites.


After that they are – as beautiful as they look – "tied up capital" that we need to search for and buy the next treasures. So that we can incorporate new illustrations. Or be able to let them draw or read knowledge from it. Afterwards these finds are again – you suspect it – tied capital. 


Here we offer you these treasures and perhaps you are enthusiastic about one or the other unique specimen and help us with a purchase to continue our common mission, which my husband has put into his head with his "Bach on-Bach project". Thank you for your visit and reading here.  


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