A Real Exclusive Bach Vacation Trip ... Experience a Journey to the "Land of the Bache": Travel With Peter and Me in "Johann Sebastian Bach Country" 


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A trip to Johann Sebastian Bach's homeland: Of course, you shouldn't miss the Bachhaus and the Bach Museum in Eisenach, Thuringia.    ––



Travel, Vacation, Trip, Journey – Your Keywords?


Journey, travel, trip, vacation … and, of course, Johann Sebastian Bach … these were your keywords which you put in the search bar at Google or YouTube? Welcome. On this page of my website, I will introduce the most exciting option to travel to "Bach Country", to make a trip to the “Land of the Bache” perfect and to make the most of your vacation in the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Bach family of musicians. Make a tour with the "two Bachs" (... my husband Peter and me, Renate) with their Bach Mission first here on this page ... and discover the options for a journey to the Thomas Cantor and Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer.  ––


These travel trips start with the least costly option – which is exploring the recommendations of my husband, who is related to Johann Sebastian – and you take advantage – with his hints – to get to the perfect places at every Bach spot on your own. Next is a guided musical bike tour with two connoisseurs of the Bach subject and Bach’s music works in particular. Third option is to guide you to the most scientific touristic offers on the market – a German travel agency and a UK travel agency, via more specific offers on the market like Christian tours, Bible tours and Musical tours. Next is introducing you to specialties like booking tours with guides in costumes, like Mr. Schuchart in Leipzig offered them. Today it's his follower in leipzig, Germany. The most exclusive offer ends your options, but is – no doubt – the most expensive, the most exclusive and the most personal possibility to create a lifelong memory of a vacation, which actually money can’t pay. In this case, however, it can!   ––


That much upfront, please note in particular, that the offer of us – of my husband and of me together – to guide you is indeed exorbitant costly. However, with a decision for that, you support our mission, to spread the knowledge about the Bach family and Bach’s life music work most especially. It is definitely meant for wealthy US Citizens, Chinese, Japanese, Russians or noble folks from the moderate Middle East.    ––


Please support our Bach Mission … learn more.   ––


What has the Wachsenburg to do with Johann Sebastian Bach? Actually ... nothing. However, a journey with the Bachs in their Bach Mission comes with the option to have dinner or to lodge at such impressing places.    ––



Bach Travel Information for Eight Billion People: Visit the Land of the Bachs With "Bach on Bach"


Travel, trip, excursion, vacation ... and of course Johann Sebastian Bach ... those were your keywords that you typed into the search bar on Google or YouTube? Welcome! On this page of my website, I present to you the most exciting ways to travel to "Bach Country", that is ... to make a trip to the " Land of the Bache" and to experience your vacation completely in the sign of Johann Sebastian Bach and the musician family Bach. Take a tour with the two Bachs (... with my husband Peter and me) with their Bach Mission ... first here on this site ... and discover the possibilities for a trip to the Thomas Cantor and Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon court composer.    ––


These trips start with the most affordable option – that is to explore the recommendations of my husband, who is related to Johann Sebastian – and you use – with his tips – the opportunity to get to the perfect places at each Bach spot on "your own". The next option is a guided musical bike tour with two connoisseurs of the Bach topic and Bach's musical works in particular. The third option is to take you to two of the most scientific offers on the market ... a German travel agency and a British travel agency specialize in this. And it continues to more specific offers on the market such as "Christian Tours", "Bible Tours" and "Musical Tours". The following option is the presentation of special offers such as booking tours with costumed tour guides, as offered by Mr. Schuchart in Leipzig, or rather his successor today. The most exclusive offer ends your possibilities, but it is undoubtedly the most expensive, the most exclusive and the most personal way to create a lifelong memory of a vacation that money cannot actually pay for. In this case, however, it can!  ––



In addition, it is also something unique! You will not find another person on this planet with whom you can choose for such an offer, which will become an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Feel free to read more below the picture.  ––


A trip to Bach. We guess, for those who travel in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wechmar is the place where everything started with the greatest family of musicians on the planet and of all time, is worth a visit.   ––


No ... it is not an option to rent this bus for our trip together. Besides, it would not be a comfortable option anyway. But if you do have this consideration, this vehicle can be your and our option for a sightseeing tour of Weimar. By the way: I changed the license plate from the original to my license plate. This is for privacy and I have no problem with it. Another option in Weimar would be with a two horsepower vehicle (... picture below).   ––


Do you see the Bach Monument in Weimar? It's between the two tree trunks. And it's tiny!   ––



A Trip to Bach With Us ... the Most Expensive Bach Offer on the Planet?


With the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" and its owner Renate Bach as well as the "Bach on Bach" author Peter Bach Jr., you know by now that you don't always get information "to the point". On the one hand. On the other hand, you get a lot of detailed information. And, to answer the question in the headline. No, it's not the most expensive offer: The complete Bach stamps collection is even costlier. Learn more in the next sections.   ––


A trip to Bach: Please read what the Johann Sebastian Bach Mission of Renate and Peter Bach Jr. is all about.    ––


Did you know that you can also support our Bach Mission by purchasing an item from another seller in the above stores, even if this item has nothing to do with music? With such a purchase you can also support our "Classical Music for Children Mission". Please click on one of the buttons above or here.   ––



A Trip to Bach Country ... How You Could Support Our Missions 


Now to the point ... and that quickly. After all, we don't want to waste your time. What kind of offer is this actually with the two members of the Bach family of musicians? It's a project to fund a new kind of Bach Museum – the "Bach Hall of Fame" – somewhere in the world. Maybe in Germany, maybe in the USA, maybe in China, in Japan or in one of the new entertainment hotspots in the Middle East.  ––


With your money you support our common mission to spread the knowledge about Bach's life and about Bach's musical work. The fact is that Publishing House owner Renate Bach and author Peter Bach Jr. do not have that much time to organize and accompany trips to the "Land of the Bache" to offer this at a marketable price. Currently, we two are not yet retired. Now it only takes a minute of reading, and you will find out what the fun costs.  ––


A trip to Bach. Are you an organist? And you would love to play the very organ, which was played at the wedding of Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara Bach? We might make it come true.   ––



For Only a Few Out of 8,000,000,000 People – A Fantastic Journey to the "Land of the Bache" – Our Fantasy Price 


For 99.99999 percent of the eight billion people on this planet, the "Bach on Bach" project provides very comprehensive information on how to plan a trip to the home of Johann Sebastian Bach. You have probably come from such a page of one of our websites. If not, a link here ... will take you there. Because there is very specific and – most importantly – free information on how to enjoy "the most Bach with the least travel time and cost". In general, the main travel page on "Bach on Bach" is actually the most serious ( ! ) exploration offer in our mission. But in addition to this, you will find more there: the references to travel agencies that specialize, that is both English companies and German specialists. And there are many insider tips on how to make the most of your visit to Germany and the "Land of the Bache". Of course, neither Peter nor I have the Bach knowledge to lead such a tour as a guide (...?). That is just not our cup of tea. But ... we can buy this service. The " hefty " fee for the two of us is a flat € 6,000* . Please check here, what that is in Dollars or your currency, today and that may and will vary.   ––


A journey to Bach: This very first Bach monument is only ten seconds away from the most famous Bach monument in the next picture. And that on foot. Gladly you get here again to some calculation examples for a journey with us two Bachs – and again explicitly mentioned – for Bach enthusiasts from overseas, so from the USA, China, Japan, South-Korea, Canada or Australia, for example. So for such Bach fans who might feel uncomfortable in such a distant country without a personal care. And in addition to that, they may be elderly, "immobile" or in reduced health. And who appreciate this unusual accompaniment. Plus ... finally also "would like to spend the necessary small pocket money for it gladly ( ! )". For Germans, Swiss and Austrians this, our specific offer is "absolutely not appropriate", even for Europeans it is too high. For all of you there is the extensive free travel guide as reading as well as some very reasonably calculated offers, right in the front "Bach by Bike"   ––


A trip to Bach: one of the two most impressing Bach monuments all over the world.   ––



€ 6,000* Plus Flight Cost, Lodging, Food, Entrance Fees, Ground Transportation and Maybe Even More?


You think € 6,000* is way too much? Arrogant? Unbelievable? An impertinence? And that's not counting the airline tickets, hotel costs, meals, entrance fees and other things that will only develop over time as we expand the text of this offer. You are right, we agree, it is a bit arrogant. But it's an offer that money can't buy. Actually. In this case, however, it can. Check here, what's this amount is in your currency today.   ––


It's like with the only complete collection of Bach stamps. The corresponding price tag fits only in the context of the goal of our mission. It does not reflect the value of the paper. Not even the value of the combined individual prices. It is an exclusive gift for perhaps only one or two people on this planet. For your father, your grandpa or your child. For us, it helps to spread the knowledge and musical creation of the master from Thuringia. By the way, there is a likeable typo on the stamp above. It says Eisenach, not Eisenbach.   ––


What a shame! This was the Bach House, where Bach lived for nine years. Also, two sons of Johann Sebastian and Maria Barbara were born here. It was demolished. So this location is famous. Two great composers and the most revered musician and composer in the world lived here. The place is still empty, in the meantime it is a parking lot, and the worst case – the construction of a house that has nothing to do with the later Thomas Cantor – has not happened yet.    ––


How embarrassing. This is how a "world capital of culture", Weimar, Germany, deals with the most famous musician and composer and two famous sons more than two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany. It's still a parking lot, and there's a danger that in the event of a commercial disaster, the option is gone without embedding the cultural heritage and commitment. At the same time, many options could be considered. Increasing the size of the adjacent hotel and adding a spacious underground parking garage is just one of many options that would meet all the needs of the parties involved, whoever they may be.   ––


The Hotel "Kronprinz" on the left, Bach's home in Weimar. The city hall is in the background.   ––


Not Just Any Trip to Bach ... It Is More Than Just a Special Johann Sebastian Bach Adventure With the Bachs 


Renate and Peter Bach Jr., that is the two of us, have both been in the tourism business for more than 40 years, and what makes this offer special is a combination of three factors. First, we both know how to make the most of a trip to the "Land of the Bache". Concerts, specialized local guides in all languages, exclusive accommodation offers and special events are all part of the "program". In addition, there is just the exclusive opportunity to spend a great time with two members of the musical family. More "Bach for your time and money" is not possible. Continuing with a more than exclusive trip in luxury vehicles, the ICE (... the high speed train) in Germany and you can decide whether you want to make a 5-day trip, a 4-day trip or a 6-day trip. Whether you are a group of five or seven or twelve people does not matter, not even financially with our fee. It doesn't matter if you want to travel in May, in June or in September. And you are free to change or cancel the whole adventure. No risk. Same price. Finally, you get a personal book and video with narration and music, plus your own internet website (... publicly "hidden" or public; or both, if you want) in which you are the star. The book comes in as many copies as you travel with your group, or fewer. For these three options, Peter and I are the perfect artists, as we have done and continue to do such productions throughout our lives and careers. He is a photographer, he knows how to create texts, he is a professional. And I am a graphics specialist and a computer nerd. It all starts with a personal pickup at Frankfurt airport, about 200 kilometers east, a first class train ride or pickup in an exclusive limousine. The choice is yours. If ... because the journey is to begin from Frankfurt: This is how we offer it to guests who would arrive in Frankfurt from all over the world.  ––


Play the organ in a Bach church, get a very special and exclusive tour in a Bach museum, listen to a local classical choir, hear your favorite Bach work in St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. You will have the opportunity to see some of Bach's original documents up close or even touch them with white gloves. Experience a guided tour with a host dressed in Bach's costume. Look forward to exclusive guided tours in the smaller – but no less important – Bach places.   ––


A trip to Bach. Let's make the most of it together. This is Mühlhausen, Thuringia, the so-called "City of Towers and Gates".   ––



Much and Ambitious Vs. Relaxed and Easy Going ... Bach Country in Thuringia and Saxony, Germany is Waiting for You 


You decide whether you want to include "as much Bach" as possible in your daily routine, that is we start early in the morning to "squeeze" as much as possible into the day, or you prefer it "easy going", that is comfortable, common breakfast at 10:00 o'clock and then "only" one or two attractions are on the plan. Instead of maybe three. It is your vacation, it is your decision. Peter and I know if you decide how, which place is then the next and the best to make the most of a four or five or six-day trip. We both know where to get "the most Bach" for your time and money.   ––


A trip to Bach: We know how to make the most of it.  ––



We Are Organizing Professionals – We Are Germans – We Are Travel Experts – We Know How To Find the Bach Highlights


Peter and I worked with a cruise line and travel agency for clients who wanted the full "no worries" package. Of course, as Germans, we know where to buy a sweater if you forgot it and don't want to waste half a day. Actually, we both know where to buy everything you might need ... far from home. It is always a special challenge when it comes to health. In a foreign country, you quickly feel lost. The language barrier, the health system is different, it can become a disaster. Not on this trip with us Bachs.   –– 


A trip to Bach: You are excited by the idea of lodging in a castle or in a palace? We can make that come true. However, not in the palace above in the Bach city of Gotha.   ––



Lodging and Dining


When money (... almost) "does not matter", the most original overnight locations are an option. We know castles and palaces that add another experience to the already unforgettable vacation. On the other hand, we are able to find special hotels, for example, without stairs, with a restaurant "on board", exclusive or affordable. And the food: Experience a variety of special ideas. Such a thing is a trial order: You get only a fork of a meal and then decide what you want as a whole meal. This is how you avoid disappointment with local specialties: Or ... you dine at a one or two-star restaurant. Or you can opt for a meal in authentic ( ! ) medieval surroundings. But you can also try German, or better Thuringian Brats with us. If you like them, order two, if not, we know something different.  ––


A trip to Bach: The city above is Lübeck. A real Bach city. However, read on the "Bach on Bach" travel page, why there is "not that much related to Bach" to discover.  ––



Local Guides Are Better Than the Two Bachs From Flein


We hire guides who do a much better job at the Bach location of our choice than Peter and I can. That means Peter and I are also "guests" during this time. And it is the time when the photos are taken that you will later find on your personal website, in your video and in your photo book to share at home and make all your friends and acquaintances "envious". By the way, there are already plenty of photos of the Bach locations that will be the basis for the personalized areas. We will then "weave" the photos we take of you into this pool of great images.    ––


A trip to Bach: Dresden is Bach city, however only in the "category D". If you like, this would be a breathtaking destination if you are aware, that Bach was only performing here several times.   ––



Yes, We Extend Your Trip ... and Yes, We Follow Your Changes



This Bach tour is so individual that you can even change your plans on the spot and on the same day. If you did not know how much there is to experience, we simply stay there longer than we planned. Of course, this has to fit the people or artists engaged. If someone is waiting for us at the same place, we have two options: Either we cancel without replacement or we are there on time. The same applies if you want to visit a place with only two highlights. When you are satisfied, we board the vehicle(s) and drive off to experience something more.   ––


A trip to Bach: Of course, after your Bach adventure your trip may continue. Anywhere in Germany, or anywhere in Europe. However. That is where your trip gets even more adventurous, as we can't help with that anymore.   ––



A Round Trip or a Discovering Tour From One Central Location? 


There is another option, which depends on your preferences. There is a possibility to save a lot of time on each day of your trip if we do not have to return to our central location, the hotel where you will stay throughout your Bach adventure. This is possible if you decide to take a few inconveniences. After our dinner together, you will go to sleep and the next morning you will pack your things and never see this place again. So our common next destination will also be our city where we will stay next. On the other hand, of course, this travel time saving means much more stress and the trip becomes a vacation "out of your suitcase". This is the option for those who want to make the most of their Bach tour. Of course, we can then ... "pack more Bach into the day".  ––


The second option is deciding on a hotel which is best for starting a day trip in the morning and returning either in the late afternoon or in the early evening. No doubt, that is more convenient and more relaxing.   ––


We experienced both, and it's up to you to decide, whether you prefer your trip as an educational experience or an entertaining journey with an additional relaxation time.   ––


A final hint regarding more of our shops on the internet. Learn more via a click on any of the buttons above. Or you decide to click here.   ––



We Are Trying to Finance Our Bach Mission: That is the Reason for All Ads on All Website Pages: Music Calendars, Bach Gifts, Music Presents


A trip to Bach: Of course you will get your favorite Bach calendar, and as many copies as there are traveling people in your group.   ––


A Bach calendar and the tiniest Bach figure, hand-made in the Erzgebirge (... Ore Mountains), Germany.   ––


On the left a really challenging Bach calendar and on the right the Little Bach Figure.   ––


* incl. VAT



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